Verifying and ensuring traceability in production processes is paramount for the industry. Through CanadaGAP certification, it is determined that the supplier meets the standard and that its food safety program is being maintained on an ongoing basis.
CanadaGAP® is a food safety program for companies that produce, handle and broker fruits and vegetables and is designed to help implement and maintain effective food safety procedures within fresh produce operations.

Becoming a CanadaGAP-certified facility involves you receiving a site visit to your operations, reviewing the food safety manual(s) and related records, interviewing the operator and staff and assessing the company's compliance with the CanadaGAP audit checklist. This requires that all facilities are actively involved in the process and are responsible for maintaining effective management systems to ensure compliance with the requirements.

There are no surprises or additional requirements. Auditors have to pass the CanadaGAP-specific training before they do on-site audits, ensuring they all start on the same footing and understand the realities of production, packing, repacking, storage, wholesale and brokerage operations.
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