About the service

We are leaders in the agricultural commodity inspection business with a track record of more than 15 years.

We have offices and experienced staff in the main ports of Canada.

Our inspectors are highly qualified for the control of grains, by-products and oils. We have a regional training program through which all our inspectors are trained by the same people in order to unify criteria and offer our clients the same quality of service in different countries. With annual training and follow-up programs, we manage to be the most reliable company.

Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced team of inspectors located in the main ports and our 24x7 operations team that is in permanent contact with the terminals, we are prepared to respond to the needs of our clients.

We seek to be an essential support for our clients before, during and after each operation, providing support to their execution departments in the following activities:

  • Issuance of the certificate.*
  • Management and custody of documents.
  • Issuance of B/Ls.
  • Advice on contracts.
  • Advice on quality parameters for the evaluation of new operations.
  • Search for information in the destination countries.
  • Courses on operations and execution.
  • Consular legalizations.

* We issue certificates both in Canada and in any of our 80 offices around the world.

We are an international private holding, leader in the market of the Inspections and Quality Control of agricultural products and Agri-food Certifications, and Collateral Management.

We are founding members of the most important entities of the world in the regulation of international trade contracts of grains, seeds, oilseeds and by-products.

  • Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association.
  • The Grain & Feed Trade Association.


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