About the service

We carry out the accompaniment, monitoring and audit of goods and process flows.
Our Monitoring and Verification service is known as SMA (Stock Monitoring Agreement).

Main types of Verification, Certification and Monitoring:

  • Stock Certification: A Stock Certificate is a document that expresses the estimated quantities, at a given time, of those products stored in the required warehouses.
  • Monitoring of Inventories and Process Flows: We carry out spot, periodic and/or permanent monitoring (inspections) of raw material inventories, products in process and final inventory with the aim of providing accurate information on the quantity and quality of the goods offered. in guarantee by the debtor. Likewise, the client is provided with all relevant and identified information that could put said merchandise at risk, being able to mention – by way of example and without limitation – inconveniences with the state/quality of the products, the storage conditions, and/or the status and condition of the warehouse.
  • Crop Monitoring: We carry out spot and/or periodic face-to-face and/or remote field monitoring (inspections) to monitor the vegetative growth of crops and potential yields, among various controlled variables. Through random sampling and satellite image processing, our team of agronomists verifies, among other aspects, compliance with the planting plan (quantity/variety), determines the planting density, the planted area and the green index.
  • Warehouse Monitoring: We carry out independent monitoring (inspections) on our own warehouses or those of third parties, with the aim of having reliable information on their status and obtaining the assurance that the merchandise is stored in adequate conditions, ensuring the integrity and their current and future quality. Inspections are carried out by our team of professionals who verify, among other aspects, structures, equipment and good storage practices.
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